Basic Equipment

The Amateur Photographer

What equipment do you need to start to take more professional looking photographs?  I read online that it’s not the camera, but the skill of the photographer, which makes a good picture.  It’s not true!  While it’s pointless buying a £30,000 Hasselblad camera if you can’t compose a shot and chop people’s heads off, it’s also impossible to take an award winning wildlife picture using your iPhone and no editing software.  The skill and knowledge of the photographer, and the equipment and software they use, are equally vital.  At least that’s been my experience.


Do you really need a DSLR camera (the professional’s choice) or is a Bridge camera equally as good?  I have both, and I’ve written an extensive comparison of the two in this blog post.

My cameras consist of:

  • A second hand Olympus E-510 ten megapixel four-thirds DSLR camera with a standard 14-42mm kit lens…

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