Competition Rules

Penrith and District Camera Club Competition Rules 2017/18



There are two sections, one for prints and the other for projected digital images (PDI). Both of
these sections are sub-divided into three classes (see below) which will be judged separately.
There will be three competitions during the season in each section. A league is run for each class
in each section, in which scores for the season are accumulated. Five of these six ‘league’
competitions are open subjects; the second PDI competition has an assigned subject of ‘Water’.
Note – Water can be in any of its forms.
Only members who have paid their subscription for the current season are eligible for entry for any
club competition.
Unless you inform us otherwise, by submitting images to Club Competitions, you give the Club
permission to use the images on the Club website and for Club promotion purposes.

Competition Classes

For the purposes of competitions only, the membership will be split into three classes; ‘Club’, ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’. This will apply to both Print and PDI sections. Any one member will be in the same class in both sections. Moves of members between classes are overseen by the Competition Secretary, the External Competition Secretary and the Chairman, and the moves normally happen between seasons.
The ‘Advanced’ class will be made up of members from last season’s ‘Advanced’ class, plus any new member who has recently gained a recognised photographic distinction or who has the recent appropriate experience from previous club or society, or any other member requesting to be placed in the ‘Advanced’ class, or any existing member moving up classes under the rules below. New members with previous experience should contact the competition secretary soon after joining.
There is a mechanism for allowing members to move to a lower league between seasons – ask the Competition Secretary or Chairman for details.
Any member who gains a recognised photographic distinction during the season will automatically move to the ‘Advanced’ class at the end of that season. Promotion from ‘Club’ class to ‘Intermediate’ class, or from ‘Intermediate’ class to ‘Advanced’ class, will be automatic if a member wins the print league trophy or the projected digital image league trophy in their current class.

Competition Entries

All images (and all objects in the image) forming the print or digital file must have been taken by the photographer Members may submit three entries in their respective classes, in each competition. Prints may be monochrome or colour and of any size (up to the size of the mount). They should be mounted on card not exceeding 500 mm x 400 mm and the complete mounted print entered should be no more than 3mm thick. There must be no adhesive material or adhesive tape on the reverse face. The mounted print should be titled on the reverse, bear the entrant’s Club number and class entered, also ‘Penrith and District Camera Club’. Print entries must be handed in at Club meetings on the dates specified in the programme. They may also be taken to the home of the Internal Competition Secretary by appointment BEFORE the ‘hand-in’ date specified in the programme. Print entries should be accompanied by a digital copy of the image. These are to be in the same format, structure and size as described below for Digital entries.
Digital entries may be monochrome or colour. They may be submitted on a CD, this CD must be labelled with an identification of the competition being entered, together with the name and club membership number of the entrant and the name of the class being entered. The size of each image must be no bigger than 1400 pixels in the horizontal direction and 1050 pixels in the vertical direction and the file must be in ‘jpg’ format. Note that if you enter a PDI image in ‘portrait’ format, the maximum size vertically remains at 1050 pixels. The name of each file must be the image title, and both files must be in a folder with the name of the entrant. For example, if John Tillotson wishes to enter images called ‘Sunk without trace’ and ‘Hope abandoned’, the CD should contain a folder called ‘John Tillotson xxx’ (where xxx is your club membership number), within which should be files called ‘Sunk without trace.jpg’ and ‘Hope abandoned.jpg’. CDs containing PDI entries must be handed in at Club meetings on the dates specified in the programme. The CDs may also be taken to the home of the Internal Competition Secretary by appointment BEFORE the ‘hand-in’ date specified in the programme. The individual files may also be sent by email to but they MUST arrive before midnight on the specified ‘hand-in’ date. Please include your name, your league and your Club membership number in the email. Email entries will be acknowledged – if you do not get an acknowledgement, your email may not have been received.
An image which has scored 20, 19 or 18 points in any competition may not be re-entered in any further competition as a print or as a digital entry. Other images may be re-entered only once – this could be either as a print or as a PDI.

Note: If you have any doubt or queries about a submission please consult the Internal Competition Secretary.


There are six leagues, ‘Advanced’ Print, ‘Advanced’ PDI, ‘Intermediate’ Print, ‘Intermediate’ PDI, ‘Club’ Print and ‘Club’ PDI. Scores are recorded for the three allowable entries in each of the three relevant competitions (i.e. a member may have up to nine scores in one of the Print leagues and in the corresponding PDI league). At the end of the season, a trophy is awarded to the member with the highest aggregated score (based on the member’s top six scores only) in each of the six leagues. In the event of a tie, there will be joint winners and the Trophy will be shared. The winner (or joint winners) of either of the Club leagues will be promoted to the Intermediate league. The winner (or joint winners) of either of the Intermediate leagues will be promoted to the Advanced league.

Competition Judging

Normal Competition entries will be judged by an independent judge chosen from the ‘approved judged’ list maintained by the Northern Counties Photographic Federation or another Federation within the PAGB. The judge will provide constructive comments on each entry. The Millennium Trophy may be judged by a Club Member. Marks will be awarded out of 20. There are no limits to the number of entries given scores of 20, 19 or 18. Those members receiving one of these scores will be issued with an appropriate certificate.

Non-league Competitions

There are two standalone whole-club competitions, which do not count towards the normal league scores. In these competitions classes (Club, Intermediate and Advanced) are not considered. These competitions may be judged by club members. One is early in the season and is the ‘Summer Challenge’. This is a PDI competition. The subject this year is ‘Rust’. The other competition is the Millennium Trophy. This season it is a print competition and the set subject is “A panel of 3”. Members may enter up to 2 entries. Each entry is a ‘Panel’ of 3 unmounted prints – each print being A4 size or less. Please mark on the back of each print as specified for prints above – and also how the image is to be viewed FROM THE FRONT as part of its panel (e.g. ‘left’, ‘centre’ ‘right’).

Image of the Year Competition

This is an extra competition which takes place towards the end of the season. Print and PDI entries must be notified to the Competition Secretary as specified in the programme. PDI entries do not need to be re-submitted, prints need to be taken on the night of the competition.
There are separate sub-competitions for each class (Club, Intermediate and Advanced) in each section (print and PDI).
Each member can enter 1 print and 1 digital image in their class. These prints and digital images must have been entered in a club competition earlier in the same season – they need not have been scored highly in a competition.
Judging is by the votes of every member present on the evening of the ‘image of the year competition’. All members vote in all sub-competitions. Members may NOT vote for their own image.



Competition entry is taken as acceptance of these Rules in full.
While every care will be taken, no responsibility for the loss or damage to any entry is accepted by any member of the Club or by any judge.


Trophies will be held for eleven months.
The following will be awarded a trophy at the end of the season (‘Each of the three’ means there is one for the Advanced Class, one for the Intermediate Class and one for the Club Class)

  • The member(s) gaining the highest aggregate marks in each of the three print competition leagues.
  • The member(s) gaining the highest aggregate marks in each of the three PDI competition leagues.
  • The winner(s) of each of the three ‘Print of the Year’ Competitions.
  • The winner(s) of each of the three ‘PDI of the Year’ Competitions.
  • The winner(s) of the ‘Millennium Trophy Competition’.
  • The member who, in the opinion of the Internal Competition Secretary, has shown the greatest improvement by comparison with their previous year’s performance.
  • The Chairman’s Trophy will be awarded personally by the Chairman to a member who has contributed substantially to the workings of the Club during the year.

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